Activities and economic impact of infrequent or non-travellers

Non-travellers or infrequent travellers have been largely neglected by (tourism) academic research. There is a lack of knowledge about why they don’t travel much as well as about their activities on holiday and the related economic impact on their living environment. The exploratory study analyses the economic impact of non-travellers and infrequent travellers due to their activities for the Department of Vaucluse (France), an important source area and destination in national tourism. The analysis of the socio-demographic structure shows that this group, sometimes associated to the phenomenon of staycation, is heterogeneously composed. Financial, occupational and health conditions are major constraints, while a lack of motivation is of secondary importance. It shows that their economic impact is important and spatially differentiated.

Activities and economic impact of infrequent or non-travellers
Jürgen Schmude, Cyrille Genre-Grandpierre, Franziska Pellkofer
Anatolia - An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
Taylor & Francis Online
Februar 2022